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Company Profile........  

  ABOUT US :    

                          Since  the  inception  in  1990,  Perfect  Engineering  Services  Has  gained  name and acceptance  as  manufacturer  and  supplier  of  chemical  process  plant and  storage  equipments.  We  make  and  deliver  various  equipments  as  per  need and  specifications of  our  clients.




                              Perfect  Engineering  Services  is  started and  managed  by  Shri  Manoj  B.  Patel,  Engineer by qualification.  He  considers ethos  and  values  more  than  anything  else.  His belief  and  words  “All we  have accomplished  so  far is only a beginning. We must keep going, never  giving  into  the  temptation  to  rest,  always  seeing  a  greater  goal  before  us.”, is  the  guiding  force  at  PES.




                    Quality of  end product  is  never  an  accident,  It  is  result  of  endless  efforts  for  perfection  and  total  quality   process.   Our  Inspection and quality checks  starts  right  from  the  procurement stage,  and  it continues  at  all  level  of  process  and  it ends  with  final inspection  by  client  and  expression of  satisfaction.
To  give  you  the  best  : 
We  continuously  improve  in product process  and  system.

  • Provide  timely delivery
  • Continuous  Training  and  development  of  employees  to  built  up  consciousness for quality  in  all aspects of   process,  practice and  products.
  • We  always  remind  to  our  selves and  to  our  employees,  “what  does  an  equipment  means  to  customer.”    For  us  PERFECTION  IS  OUR GOAL  EXCELLENCE  WILL BE  TOLERATED.
  • Quality means : It is up to customer satisfaction level




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