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                                We  have  our  establishment  in  1500  Sq.  Mtr.  (16000  Sq.  Feet)  owned  by  us. With   our  facilities  we  are  able  to  shape more than  400  MT of  Steel  (M.S., and  S.S.)  into  chemical process and  storage  equipments  per  annum.

We  are  equipped  with  precise and state of  the  art  tools  and  machines.  That  includes  Plate bending  Machine,  E.O.T.   cranes,  Lathe  Machines,  Drill Machine,  Rectifier Welding  machines  with  Argon  torch set (for TIG  Welding),Plazma Cutting machine for S.S. cutting,  Flexible  grinder  machines etc.

We  have  team  of  three  qualified  Engineers and  over  fifteen  skilled  and  semi skilled  workers






  1. Lathe Machines  (2 Nos.)
  2. Overhead Electric  cranes  (5 Tonne and  12 Tonne capacity)
  3. Drill machine (Radial   type)
  4. Rectifier Welding Machine with Argon set (TIG WELDING) 5 sets        
  5. Air Plasma cutting Machine for S.S. cutting
  6. 7.5 Hp Air compressor
  7. Welding transformer  machines
  8. Plate bending Machine
  9. Hydraulic Hacksaw machine
  10. Flexible grinders
  11. Magnetic  stand  drill machines 19mm & 32mm capacity
  12. Gas cutting & profile cutting machines
  13. Hydraulic  Press
  14. Hydraulic  Pipe bending machine
  15. 6  tonne capacity fly wheel press
  16. Uniform Pipe bending facility (cold process)
  17. Section bending facility  (Angle, flat channel etc.)
  18. Painting facility with gun
  19. Straight Grinder & Small Dressing Grinder



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